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Wills, Trusts and Probate

Each year up to 70,000 homes have to be sold to pay for Long-Term Care, many families are disinherited. A correctly written will may safeguard their share of the property! We can help you protect your home for the benefit of your loved ones.

Our Services

We are able to offer a will writing service that allows you to decide exactly how your estate – your assets and belongings – are to be distributed between your chosen beneficiaries after your death, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that you those closest to you will be provided for should the unfortunate happen.

A will is vital to ensure that should you die, your wishes for the distribution of your estate are carried through as you decided without the law superseding the instructions of your will, and also so inheritance tax liability on your estate can be minimised.

In addition, a will is important as it allows you to choose the executor of the will and specify any arrangements for your funeral. The will must be correctly drafted as well, to avoid any uncertainty and ambiguity with regards to your wishes. Remember – more time is spent and more money is made by lawyers in sorting out disputes in badly drafted wills than they do from actually drawing them up in the first place.

Our Will Writing Service provides experienced professionals for you to consult who will draft the will for you and discuss who should be the executor, how your estate will be distributed, what might happen if your will is contested, implications of inheritance tax and personal debts, and how to set up trusts for children.